A comparison of physical books and e readers

Terminology[ edit ] A woman reading an e-book on an e-reader. E-books are also referred to as "ebooks", "eBooks", "Ebooks", "e-Books", "e-journals", "e-editions" or as "digital books". The devices that are designed specifically for reading e-books are called "e-readers", "ebook device" or "eReaders".

A comparison of physical books and e readers

A comparison of physical books and e readers

There are multiple reasons that make eReaders a better reading choice in How to chose the best eBook Reader? There are a number of factors you would need to consider when buying an eReader. Below I have listed some handy tips for you to consider. Outdoor use If you are someone who likes reading outside, then sun glare and the water exposure may be necessary to you.

If you love reading out on a sunny day, then having a screen that is glare resistant is a must. If on top of that you like reading on the beach or next to a pool, then some level of water resistance would be highly recommended.


The question is more about whether you need the cellular internet connection or not. I personally do not find this feature useful, as I never run out of books to read while on the move. In fact, I tend to upload the books on my eReader way in advance. For the ones that do need to download books while on the go — the cellular internet connection would be required.

Ecosystem The downside of ebooks is that there are multiple different formats as there is no universally agreed format amongst the publishers yet. There are also free or open formats such as ePub. You may know, but Google, for example, offers over a million free books in that format.

This is great, but if you are a Kindle user — ePub is not supported as Amazon only allows books from the Amazon ecosystem to be used. There are ways around it by using a third-party application, yet natively the ePub support does not come with Kindles.

It is also handy to compare the prices to ensure you are getting a good deal as they vary between the stores.

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Price Although the prices for eReaders have recently fallen, the price range is still significant. As most of the time, the price is driven by the features available, so you need to make sure that you are not buying an eReader that has some cool features that you will never use.

One of the main things you want to get right when picking the best eReader for yourself is to make sure it can read your file types. The truth is that there are close to 30 different file types, and most ebook readers would not support all of them.

Below is the breakdown of Kindle and Kobo e-readers and the file formats they natively support.About Smashwords. Welcome to Smashwords! Smashwords is the world's largest distributor of indie ebooks.

We make it fast, free and easy for any author or publisher, anywhere in the world, to publish and distribute ebooks to the major retailers and thousands of libraries. Kindle, 6" glare-free touchscreen display, designed as a dedicated e-reader.

A comparison of physical books and e readers

Touchscreen display that reads like paper, no screen glare even in bright sunlight. A typical e-reader with 2GB of memory can store around 1, average-size e-books. That should be plenty for even the most avid reader.

However, if you're adding extra apps and files to your e-reader, that 2GB could get chewed up fairly quickly. Best eReader – Quick Comparison. If you are short on time and not able to go through the detailed description of all the ebook readers in our review, we have prepared a table summarizing the most important aspects you need to know to make your decision.

Here are the best e-readers on the market now, all of which are part of Amazon's Kindle lineup. We explain the differences among them. An e-reader, also called an e-book reader or e-book device, is a mobile electronic device that is designed primarily for the purpose of reading digital e-books and periodicals..

Any device that can display text on a screen may act as an e-reader, but specialized e-reader devices may optimize portability, readability (especially in sunlight), and battery life for .

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