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She won the prestigious Griffin Award for her debut play Whore, which premiered at the Belvoir St Theatre in and was closely followed by a New York production. In she was an Affiliate Playwright with the Griffin Theatre Company, working on two commissions, Autumn and Poised, and was also commissioned to write a new play, Gull, for the Bell Shakespeare Company.

Aftrs graduate diploma screenwriting agents

Strong dramaturgical input from director Ian Lawson elastically stretched definitions of both theatre and performance for La Boite who showed nerve in mounting this production.

In the final fadeout on the dethroned queen, cringing without any armour, it is as if we too have been effectively shut out from the text, along with her, denied a voice in history. If the voice of history is patriarchal and monological, where are our vaginas?

But that a realistic explanation would ever be sufficient clue is moot given that the cause of her trauma is so shockingly and symbolically overdetermined in what aftrs graduate diploma screenwriting agents proposed in the final analysis—that she was forced as a child to assist her mother to self-abort with a baling hook, and that she herself repeats this familial cycle of violation.

Her own comically depicted abortion of a pineapple after a vicious rape has an appropriately hallucinatory edge. Despite such shocking imagery, this production sustained an uncanny poetic flow, all the elements contributing to maintaining a heightened feel that this woman is trying, above all, to survive and live.

There seem to be two versions of The Pineapple Queen. The earlier, more surreal version was easier to laugh at; the second is harder to watch, but equally rewarding in very different ways. In the first, The Pineapple Queen resorted to an axe to decentre authority or perhaps, more importantly, to perform a creative, purposeful act of self-authority.

This often disarming but deceptively contrived piece dealt with personal encounters with physical injury and rehabilitation by the co-creators Kieran Law and Genevieve Trace. Curiously, the shows bear a resemblance.

Law and Trace warmly engage with the audience and each other, developing a neat patter between them and bearing lightly on their physical injuries. Trace is particularly funny as she clowns through the story of how she seriously hurt herself while in the original daffy costume she wore on stage as a teenage performer.

Law plays a more bashful muggins when he describes the usual dumb things young men do that resulted in his own injuries, although, to be fair, Trace unrepentantly confesses to having her nose broken in a stupid fight with her sister. This transverse fracture in the proceedings is well managed by the performers as they disengage from the audience and each other, entering another world of their own.

Law and Trace, by cutting ties to their own self-narratives, seemed to be staking claim to new and uncharted territory on a level basis with the audience. Given their obvious skills and commitment, it will be interesting to see how their future work develops with larger subject matter.

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Saved from the axe were a small percentage of companies with three-year funding commitments, although the Government originally wanted to pull the plug on them as well. The news gets worse: The history of Vancouver theatre is ultimately defined by funding. While this might sound like a self-evident truth, I do believe that the traditionally meagre subsidy and the way it was delivered supported a unique flowering of creativity and risk-taking in Vancouver theatre.

aftrs graduate diploma screenwriting agents

This flowering was, I suggest, wholly unexpected given the circumstances—and a credit to the individuals responsible—but like an exotic bloom it was vulnerable to changes in conditions and we may have just seen it pulled up by the roots. I should be clear.

Australian Film Television & Radio School (AFTRS). Master of Arts. (Cinematography) Australian Film Television & Radio School (AFTRS). Graduate Diploma. Legal Practioners Admission Board. Sydney University. Diploma In Law. There are both undergraduate and graduate level degree programs. They include film production, screenwriting, cinema and media studies, animation and digital arts, interactive media and games. diploma, and certificate courses across film, TV and gaming. AFTRS is not exactly the international bargains of most film schools on this list. A graduate of the Australian Film Television and Radio School in , Ray Argall has enjoyed a colourful and productive presence in a filmmaking career spanning more than thirty years.

The arts have always been starving in Vancouver. It is a city that prides itself on inclusion rather than excellence and as a consequence has never made the same critical investment in cultural infrastructure that cities such as Montreal and Toronto have.

aftrs graduate diploma screenwriting agents

Toronto, for example, made a decision to invest in its theatre infrastructure in the s, a decision still paying dividends not just in the level of activity but also the place that theatre occupies on the cultural landscape.

Toronto is a theatre city because a decision was made that it should become one. Indeed, it could be argued that Vancouver lags behind other major Canadian cities, including Calgary.

When that city hosted the Olympics ina new performing arts centre was built. When Vancouver—a city with twice the population—hosts the Olympics which take place in not a single cultural asset will have been created. In Toronto, there is a network of mid-sized theatres able to support and train new and emerging artists through mentorship programs and the sharing of resources and space.

There is no equivalent in Vancouver. I would like to stress this: Not one of them owns or operates a venue. Instead they are forced to compete with one another to rent from a tiny stock of venues, none of which is dedicated to theatre.

In Vancouver those spaces can and are also used for Pilates and kick-boxing. Monday and Tuesday evenings were free.

Well the most obvious answer is you turn to found locations.Experienced Assistant Editor with a demonstrated history of working in the motion pictures and film industry.

Skilled in Film Production, Film Editing, Final Cut Pro, Music Videos, and Feature Films. Strong media and communication professional with a Graduate Diploma in Editing focused in Editing from AFTRS. Vision-driven change agent with career-long record of digital marketing, content strategy, and publishing management success for leading publishers.

AFTRS Graduate Certificate, Cross Media Production & Emerging Media. – Advertising Federation of Australia Diploma of Management (Australian Salesmasters T) Unabhängige Head of Digital & Marketing .

Summer courses are often an avenue used by students to attain additional certificates or qualifications outside of the normal school year. Whether they are bridging the gap between levels of study or adding to a career knowledge base, these courses can be found in almost any area of study.

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