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Bieg 6b 2

Toll Free The mandatory penalties imposed for driving without insurance is greater than the first offender penalties for drunk driving or possession of marijuana. Every owner or registered owner of a motor vehicle registered or principally garaged in this state shall maintain motor vehicle coverage, under provisions approved by the Commissioner of Insurance.

Failure to produce at the time of trial an insurance card or insurance policy covering the date of the offense creates a rebuttable presumption that the person was uninsured when charged with the offense.

The legislative intent is clear that knowledge of lack of insurance is not an essential element which must be proved in order to sustain a conviction of an owner who operates a car without insurance.

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However, the section which imposes penalties against an individual who operates a motor vehicle without liability insurance does not apply to a New Jersey resident who is driving an automobile owned by an out-of-state friend who had been in New Jersey for five weeks. Arslanouk, 67 NJ Super App.

Hochman, NJ Super App. In this fact specific case, defendant was charged with operating a vehicle he owned without insurance. It was stipulated that because of long hours defendant worked, he had asked his wife to look after household matters, including insurance matters, and gave her several thousand dollars each month to pay for them.

Defendant Hochmans wife arranged through an insurance broker to have Allstate insure the vehicle. The insurance broker then arranged to finance the insurance premiums Bieg 6b 2 a Lee Finance financial service. Thereafter, defendant Hochmans wife made payments to the financial service through October 13, The defendants wife notified the broker that she had received a letter from Allstate and reminded the broker that the insurance premiums were being financed through the finance agency pursuant to financing agreement arranged by it and therefore she did not have to pay the balance of the account.

The insurance broker informed the Defendant Hochmans wife that it would investigate the problem and contact her. In Januarybecause the defendants wife had not heard from the insurance broker, she again contacted the insurance broker and informed him that she had received no further correspondence from Allstate.

She inquired into the status of the insurance of the vehicle, the broker informed the defendants wife they were still investigating the problem and would contact her when it had been resolved.

It was further stipulated in Court that defendant was never told by his wife of the finance agreement or of the difficulties she had encountered with the insurance. In Maydefendant was transferred to another office and needed to use the car to get to work.

According to stipulated facts, defendants wife told the defendant that the vehicle could be driven. Defendant, relying upon what his wife had told him and believing that the vehicle was insured, drove the vehicle until July 15, when he was charged with violating the compulsory insurance provisions of N.

The insurance broker, as an agent, had issued an insurance identification card indicating the insurance would remain in effect from the period August 28, to August 28, In December defendant and his wife moved from the residence in Montclair and left a forwarding address.

Thereafter in preparing for trial defendant learned that in October and November Lee Finance had liquidated without informing its clients, including defendants wife. Although Allstate claimed it mailed a cancellation notice, it stipulated that it had mailed the cancellation notice to an incorrect address, mailing it to Park Street rather than Park Street.

The broker, First City, never informed defendants wife, despite her inquiry, that Allstate had canceled the insurance policy or that the finance agency had liquidated, or that she could reinstate the policy by paying the balance due on the annual premium.

The Appellate Division noted that in order to convict a defendant-owner of operating a motor vehicle in violation of the insurance provisions, the State did not have to show a culpable mental state, i.

The State simply had the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that 1 defendant owned the vehicle, 2 the vehicle was registered in New Jersey, 3 defendant operated the vehicle or caused it to be operated upon any public road or highway in this State, and 4 the vehicle was without liability insurance coverage required by N.

The Appellate Division held that the first three elements of the offenses were proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Bieg 6b 2

The pivotal issue was whether the State had proven beyond a reasonable doubt the fourth element of the defense, that the vehicle was uninsured. The question was thus whether the liability insurance policy had been lawfully and effectively canceled when Defendant Hochman was charged for the offense.

The Court found that Allstate had not properly canceled the insurance policy. The Court held; A notice of cancellation of a policy of automobile liability insurance is effective in this State only if it is based on one or more statutorily enumerated reasons, including the nonpayment of premiums.

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Moreover, prior to March 10,where, as here, the cancellation was for nonpayment of premiums, the notice of cancellation must have been mailed or delivered by the insurance carrier here Allstate to the insured here either defendant or his wife at least ten days prior to the effective date of cancellation and must have been accompanied by a statement of the reason given for such cancellation.

Proof of mailing of the notice of cancellation to the named insured at the address shown in the policy was deemed sufficient proof of notice. Under this latter statue, cancellation was effective whether or not the insured actually received notice of cancellation because proof of mailing, not proof of receipt, was the determinative factor.

Proof of mailing the notice, however, is not conclusive on the issue.

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The insured may still offer proof that he never received the notice for the purpose of refuting the hypothesis of mailing. Thus, in Weathers, the Supreme Court held: Although the inference of non-mailing provided by evidence of non-receipt might in most cases be outweighed by the inferences of mailing which may be drawn from a certificate of mailing whose reliability has been established, we discern no cogent reason for depriving the trier of fact of such evidence by holding it inadmissiblethey are not conclusive of that issue and do not preclude the existence of a genuine issue of material fact in the face of a claim of non-receipt so as to entitle the insurer to judgment as a matter of law.Likes, 21 Comments - Anne-Maree Bieg (@biegy) on Instagram: “When l cut fabric l always cut a couple of 21/2 inch squares and add them to a box for a postage ”.

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Bieg 6b 2

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