How to write a drug free poem

And here is one for YOU!

How to write a drug free poem

Here is a picture of some of the group. The blond seated on the floor is the late Suzy Goldman, who first conned me into becoming a Producer and Director. Rick Reinhard rick rickreihard. Where Did We Perform the Scripts? The originals are the true stories of homeless people in Washington, D.

See more details about usage and pricing following the script summaries. They spend endless hours trying to find three hot meals and a cot on which to sleep. But, the monologues may be performed singly, or in small groups when 10 — 20 minutes is the time limit.

The cast sometimes contained singers and musicians, so music often was added, based upon availability of talent. And, the troupe conducted a Question and Answer session after the performances.

We still miss those whose lives already have ended. Happily, most of the performers who survived ultimately found new jobs and homes, or they were reunited with their families and children; some went back to school, and most have their addictions under control.

Below is a summary of the individual scripts.

how to write a drug free poem

Please contact me for details. The contact information is available at the end of this page. Brokenhearted, he describes living in starvation on the streets, while still trying to find employment.

It describes what the typical emotional and physical symptoms are like. Eventually, she becomes a drug addict, who winds up in jail.

Teens’ stories of drug abuse

Later, she comes to the shelter for help. But, there is no room at the inn. The story is told from the point of view of the shelter operator who has to turn her and hundreds of others away.

It is an attempt to humanize and give dimension to a homeless person who DOES fit the stereotype. This is the story of a young man from a Muslim Household. He proceeds from the streets of Harlem to the military, to college, to a job as a police officer, and then to the shelter as he becomes lost in drug addiction.

He now has multiple advanced degrees, and he uses his strict upbringing, education, and experience as an addict to live his life constructively and to help others learn the same. This script is the story of a young, upper-middle-class man who became homeless and, consequently, became sympathetic to the panhandler and the old woman pushing a grocery cart containing all her earthly possessions.

It is a call to action in the war on homelessness. This is a revealing portrait of the many contradictory facets of a Black ex-convict, who was married to a minister and has great faith in God.

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With us, you can edit or proofread any of your work. Poems about Drugs at the world's largest poetry site. Ranked poetry on Drugs, by famous & modern poets. Learn how to write a poem about Drugs and share it!

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Cat Sleep Anywhere Poem What Is The Best Over The Counter Sleep Aids with Jber Sleep Disorders Clinic and Sleep Aid Fans are common and serious sleep disorder that causes you to stop breathing during sleep,brief interruptions in breathing during sleep. SCRIPTS on HOMELESSNESS, DRUG ADDICTION, and AIDS SCRIPT SUMMARIES “3 HOTS AND A COT” These scripts are true stories, in dramatic reading format, about homelessness, drug addiction, AIDS and how “normal, everyday people” find themselves in a shelter for the destitute.

Poems by Teens about Drug Abuse. Of all age categories that abuse drugs, the teen population is definitely the highest. Older people may use drugs on a recreational basis, but teens approach drugs with the same intensity and desperation with which they approach everything else.

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Stay clear of drugs so you can be free to choose your own path. Drugs lead you down a path of addiction, misery, deteriorating health, and death.

So make the right choice.

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