Mba health essays

Think about the decisions you have made in your life. What choices have you made that led you to your current position?

Mba health essays

It will view the partnership of two cities in means of healthcare and the collaboration of the two hospitals of these cities. Beside that, the work will answer the question of whether a good leader is made or born from the point of view of the author and exemplifying some theorists.

Moreover, the question of the importance of communication and information awareness in the context of healthcare systems is to be considered. And finally, the issue of changing business environment and its effect on the healthcare establishment is to be contemplated.

The first question under discussion in this paper is connected with Somerbridge Community Health Partnership. When organization theories applied are considered, the Contingency theory is important to mention which implies the adaptation of an organization to changing circumstances which usually change and this change is inevitable.

When major forces affecting the delivery of health services, pertaining to the partnership are contemplated, they can be the increase in immigrant population arriving at the cities and thus the increased need in heal care services.

Beside that, the Mba health essays between the cities and their communities was quite strong and the collaboration could benefit health care to a greater degree.

To foster successful collaboration the communities have been working in co-operation for a long period of time. The possible challenge can be fact that the hospitals are situated in different cities. If the collaboration is successful and productive it really will serve as a model of collaboration for other communities.

The second question consists in the matter of argument of whether leaders possessing such qualities as supervisory ability, need for occupational achievement, intelligence, decisiveness, self-assurance, and initiative are inborn or acquired.

Leadership qualities and abilities can be improved at all times — they cannot be universal and brought to perfection.

The third question under discussion is connected with the failure of the managers of the St. It is known that 35 patients died. The managers, the Manganos, refused to evacuate their residents as they considered the Nursing Home a safe place and deferred to the levees for protection which were deficient and to wetlands which were eroded.

They had an agreement with the ambulance to evacuate the patients in case of an emergency but they were afraid to evacuate the residents being on feeding tubes or oxygen. I believe that there was lack of communication between the services responsible for levees condition and the Nursing Home which caused incorrect provision of information which prevented the owners make necessary and effective steps to protect and save their residents.

What could have been done was the formal address of the Manganos or their lawyers to state from the off that the levees and wetlands were a good protection and they had not been informed about their deficiency and erosion.

And finally, when the Visiting Nurse Agency VNA is contemplated, it experienced the organizational design evolution when there was a necessity to compete peers. The changing environment had to make the VNA adapt to the changing circumstances in home-call health care sphere.

Jennie Johnson should consider such changes as employing a wider collective of nurses available for calls at the weekends and at nights.


Beside that, the advice of nurse-managers about establishing advisory board and conducting performance evaluations should be given ear. Jennie Johnson has not made the best of her nurse-managers yet because their advice is efficient and could be helpful.

The prevalent culture was an advantage of VNA as it met the requirements of the community. But with the changes in the field and with competitors appearing the corresponding changes are expected to be introduced.

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the health care cost can be reduced in the long run (Jensen, ). The Current Healthcare System The current system is repositioning in the direction of a structure where the government.

The University of ____ would help me achieve my goals of furthering my public health education through the specialized coursework offered as part of its health administration program. [The client provides specifics here about the program’s specific appeal and strengths].

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Mba health essays

Essay Paper on Healthcare Management This paper is intended to contemplate some questions connected with healthcare management. It will view the partnership of two cities in means of healthcare and the collaboration of the two hospitals of these cities.

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Essay Paper on Healthcare Management