Single parent families in australia 2012

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Single parent families in australia 2012

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Assessing the destructive impact of divorce by Augusto Zimmermann News Weekly, August 3, The facts about divorce in our societies speak for themselves, and are not very encouraging.

For example, in the United States, according to experts, about half of marriages end in divorce.

Single parent families in australia 2012

This should be a cause of great concern, because, among other things, empirical research shows that divorce increases the economic vulnerability of men, women and children, reducing many of them to poverty and utter deprivation.

The figure of 30 per cent has been validated in a number of subsequent studies, in particular the seminal work by Professors Saul D. Hoffman and Greg J. According to Stanley Elliot Tobin, there is only one undeniable fact about divorce: And, more often than not, men suffer less financially than women.

These researchers have found that the incidence of such adverse outcomes is noticeably higher for children from single-parent families than for children from two-parent biological families. For example, US studies show that children of divorced couples often blame themselves for the divorce, which creates debilitating guilt.

They are inevitably hurt financially as the fractured family bears the cost of maintaining two households. They are more likely to develop behavioural problems, such as delinquency, and to suffer significantly higher incidences of depression and fear of abandonment.

Teenage girls from intact homes are half as likely to get pregnant than their fatherless counterparts. This well-regarded non-partisan research organisation concludes its study as follows: Parental divorce is also linked to a range of poorer academic and behavioural outcomes among children.

For example, research about rising crime rates in Western Australia has revealed the strong connection between broken families and crime. The other factors, he said, were teenage parenthood which is more frequent amongst the children of divorced parentspoverty which can be caused by father absence, single parenting and teenage pregnancypoor parenting skills and long-term parental unemployment.

Circumstances vary from family to family, and some marriages are extremely unhappy, and thus do not offer the same benefits for both adults and children. Under extraordinary circumstances, divorce indeed may become a last recourse as it can provide a necessary way out for children and adults in violent or high-conflict marriages.

Single parent families in australia 2012

Sadly, however, we live in an era when more people than ever no longer view marriage as foundational to their lives. Sadly, many such divorces could easily be prevented if both husband and wife could learn to forgive each other, and to approach each other more gently and lovingly when reconciliation was required.

To avoid the tragedy of divorce, and the train of painful consequences for both parents and children, we need to discover once again the great truths that a forgiving heart brings healing to wounded relationships and, above all, that unselfish love is fundamental to a happy and enduring marital relationship.

He recently published a widely acclaimed book, Western Legal Theory: Theory, Concepts and Perspectives Sydney:Find out how to create a happy family when you’re a single parent, Successful single parenting.

By Raising Children Network. did you know Acknowledgements This article was developed in collaboration with Stepfamilies Australia. Australia's national, non-profit organisation providing a better outcome for men and their families. Kindly transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.

Return to SA Passenger Lists, barque Calphurnia, tons ( new tons), Captain James Nicholson, from London 1st December & Plymouth 10th December , arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 28th March Nov 19,  · The fabric of our society is changing.

In , approximately 78 percent of families with children were headed by married parents. In , married parents headed only 66 percent of families .

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This facts sheet looks at the major changes in Australian families since It covers information about trends in Australian family household types, including single parent and same sex couple families.

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