The zebra mussel essay

In this lab, you will determine how an invasive species—the zebra and quagga mussel—affects other species in the freshwater lake.

The zebra mussel essay

They have been run past Columbus a goodly number of times and arrive in your classroom prepared to be bored. The role of plants, animals, and diseases in history will have the advantage of novelty and your students are all, I hope, sufficiently scared by AIDS to consider infectious disease as a subject of possible interest.

Unfortunately, most of them will have little acquaintance with how evolution, i. PictureQuest I recommend starting with food.

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Ask them what they had for breakfast or lunch and have them speculate about the geographical origins of their foods. Wheaties and Cheerios are Old World, wheat and oats having originated in southwest Asia.

Corn flakes are New World, Mesoamerican to be precise.

The zebra mussel essay

Milk is from cows, which are Eurasian. Sugar is southeast Asian, probably from New Guinea. Eggs are from chickens, which are. You don't need huge tomes for this kind of research. Any of the standard encyclopedias will have the information you need.

What is the significance of the Columbian Exchange demographically?

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What is the staple of the Bantu of southern Africa? Maize, an American food. What is the staple of Kansas and Argentina? Wheat, an Old World food. The chief crop of the lower Rio Grande river is rice, from Asia. How many of the six billion of us are dependent for our nourishment on crops and meat animals that didn't cross the great oceans until after ?

What were the Amerindian societies like with no beasts of burden or unimpressive onesand, therefore, no plows, no wagons, no way to move really heavy objects but by human muscle? Ask them to imagine the pony express without the ponies.

The Inca had such an express system, without ponies. What must it have been like to be exposed in a rush to a totally alien people, horses, steel, and new and hideous diseases? You might suggest that this contrast was the product of the different ecologies of the two. Brought from South Africa to Brazil inthe aggressive African bees soon escaped and interbred with the docile European bees which had themselves been introduced to the New World by European settlers in the s.

The spread of zebra mussels is another recent example.Essay topics: zebra mussel Submitted by samlee on Thu, 07/06/ - The article discusses the invasion of zebra mussels cannot be stopped, so they pose a serious threat to fish populations across the North America.

Zebra mussels started out living in rivers and lakes that connected to the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea but after years of construction and the moving around of humans, they ended up in North America mainly in the Great Lakes basin, most of the Mississippi River drainage, the Hudson River ad may other eastern North American rivers%(2).

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The zebra mussel essay

Zebra Mussels and the Great Lakes essays Water quality in the Great Lakes is something that is a vital issue in the Great Lakes Region. The quality of the largest chain of freshwater lakes is important to the nation and even the world. Water quality is anything that affects the benefits humans der.

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