Write a polynomial equation of least degree

Describing such trends with an appropriate polynomial is complicated by the fact that there are so many possible parameters: The degree of a polynomial, and the number of adjustable coefficients, can be as large as we want.

Write a polynomial equation of least degree

If the fit converges, then you are done. Otherwise, perform the next iteration of the fitting procedure by returning to the first step. The plot shown below compares a regular linear fit with a robust fit using bisquare weights.

Notice that the robust fit follows the bulk of the data and is not strongly influenced by the outliers.

Instead of minimizing the effects of outliers by using robust regression, you can mark data points to be excluded from the fit. Refer to Remove Outliers for more information.

Nonlinear Least Squares Curve Fitting Toolbox software uses the nonlinear least-squares formulation to fit a nonlinear model to data.

A nonlinear model is defined as an equation that is nonlinear in the coefficients, or a combination of linear and nonlinear in the coefficients. For example, Gaussians, ratios of polynomials, and power functions are all nonlinear. X is the n-by-m design matrix for the model.

Nonlinear models are more difficult to fit than linear models because the coefficients cannot be estimated using simple matrix techniques. Instead, an iterative approach is required that follows these steps: Start with an initial estimate for each coefficient.

For some nonlinear models, a heuristic approach is provided that produces reasonable starting values. For other models, random values on the interval [0,1] are provided.

Produce the fitted curve for the current set of coefficients. Adjust the coefficients and determine whether the fit improves. The direction and magnitude of the adjustment depend on the fitting algorithm. The toolbox provides these algorithms: Trust-region — This is the default algorithm and must be used if you specify coefficient constraints.

write a polynomial equation of least degree

It can solve difficult nonlinear problems more efficiently than the other algorithms and it represents an improvement over the popular Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm. Levenberg-Marquardt — This algorithm has been used for many years and has proved to work most of the time for a wide range of nonlinear models and starting values.

If the trust-region algorithm does not produce a reasonable fit, and you do not have coefficient constraints, you should try the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm. Iterate the process by returning to step 2 until the fit reaches the specified convergence criteria.

You can use weights and robust fitting for nonlinear models, and the fitting process is modified accordingly. Because of the nature of the approximation process, no algorithm is foolproof for all nonlinear models, data sets, and starting points.

Therefore, if you do not achieve a reasonable fit using the default starting points, algorithm, and convergence criteria, you should experiment with different options. Because nonlinear models can be particularly sensitive to the starting points, this should be the first fit option you modify.

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Robust Fitting Open Live Script This example shows how to compare the effects of excluding outliers and robust fitting. The example shows how to exclude outliers at an arbitrary distance greater than 1. The steps then compare removing outliers with specifying a robust fit which gives lower weight to outliers.

Create a baseline sinusoidal signal: Specify an informative legend. Based on your location, we recommend that you select: You can also select a web site from the following list: Other MathWorks country sites are not optimized for visits from your location.A Polynomial can be expressed in terms that only have positive integer exponents and the operations of addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

In other words, it must be possible to write the expression without division. It's easiest to understand what makes something a polynomial equation by looking at examples and non examples as shown below. Write the equation of lowest degree with real coefficient if 2 of its roots are -1 and (1+I).

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How do I solve this? So your equation must have at least 3 roots: [math]-1[/math] Any polynomial that has real coefficients must have pairs of roots that are complex conjugates if any of the root is imaginary.

Remainder Theorem and Factor Theorem. Or: how to avoid Polynomial Long Division when finding factors. Do you remember doing division in Arithmetic? Jan 23,  · You have three roots so the polynomial of least degree must be a cubic polynomial. The three factors are (x - 1)(x + i)(x - i) Multiplying the two imaginary factors first gives:Status: Resolved.

How do i write a polynomial function of least degree with intergral coefficients that has the given zeros. the zeros are 3i and 2-i My son is in an algebra 2 class in public HS in CA/5. That is to say, if is a zero of a polynomial with rational coefficients then is also a zero of that polynomial.

Click here to see ALL problems on Polynomials-and-rational-expressions Question Write a polynomial equation of least degree with roots: 1, i, and -i. Thank you so much for all of your help!!!!!! Write the equation of lowest degree with real coefficient if 2 of its roots are -1 and (1+I). How do I solve this? So your equation must have at least 3 roots: [math]-1[/math] Any polynomial that has real coefficients must have pairs of roots that are complex conjugates if any of the root is imaginary. So what if instead of writing it like this, where you're writing it kind of in the highest degree term and the next highest degree and so on and so forth, you were to write it like this: p of x is equal to 2 x to the 5th minus 2x plus x to the 4th minus 1.

Given and as zeros means that you have at least four zeros, namely and. Also, since you want to derive the polynomial of least degree under the given circumstances, you cannot have any .

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